Community Interpreting is now available as an SCQF level 5 accredited course in Scotland. There is an increasing demand for a qualification in Scotland which builds on the success of our existing courses in England. 

Community Interpreters facilitate access to public services by accurately interpreting between Clients and Service Providers* who do not share the same language.

Community Interpreting learners in the classroom

Pilot Course 

Eight learners from resettlement programmes joined a recent pilot course.  Six completed the course and were awarded their certificate, two withdrew due to personal circumstances. The learners were already engaged with the three Ayrshire local authorities and interpreting in an informal capacity. The qualification offered them CPD and a route to a more formal and defined role. 


Learners must be able to evidence a good level of English (SCQF level 5/upper-intermediate) and another language at a similar level鈥. They must have access to Wi-Fi and a suitable device鈥 and be able to fully commit to the time requirements of the course (12 x 2 hours sessions, minimum 3 hours self-study per week). All required paperwork and assignments must be submitted within the deadlines provided and all learning outcomes achieved to qualify. Learners should be involved in volunteering in their local community in some capacity, or willing to start doing so鈥. 


Before enrolling on the course learners are required to complete an initial English language assessment (achieving level 5) and an application form (including a written text on motivation for joining the course)鈥. We provide language specialists who have an initial meeting with learners to check their first language 台湾swag and carry out an assessment of the accuracy of translation/interpreting tasks at the end of the course. 

The course is delivered online using Teams and our virtual learning platform Canvas. A range of topics relating to Community Interpreting are included in the sessions. Written assignments, research tasks and role-plays make up the assessment portfolio.  


The cost per course is 拢6,900 (拢690.00 per learner). Please note this cost is based on a group of 10 learners. Courses are planned for August and November 2024. 

*A Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) qualification is recommended/ required for some scenarios relating to law and health, a distinct and higher-level award than Community Interpreting. 


For any questions or further information please contact: 

Emma Williamson (Digital Lead Scotland) [email protected] 

Craig Brown (Accreditation Lead Scotland) [email protected]