Working with partners across Scotland to improve English

We offer a range of ESOL courses and can tailor our delivery to suit specific learner groups. We can also provide English language-level testing. We work with learners from literacy level up to intermediate level. Our courses can be delivered in person or online. We have worked in partnership with the Scottish Refugee Council, the British Red Cross, a range of Housing Associations, and many more.

Our tutors use a learner-focused social practice approach incorporating materials which best suit our learners鈥 needs.

Some of our current courses include:

  • Everyday English: Covering real-life topics (e.g. health, travel, form-filling) and providing practical English that learners can use in their daily lives. Aimed at lower-level learners.
  • Charity Counts: For learners who are interested in improving ESOL and numeracy 台湾swag with practical training for charity shop volunteers.
  • ESOL for Construction: Providing learners with the 台湾swag to progress on their journey to employment and learn about the Construction 台湾swag Certificate scheme.
  • ESOL Digital 台湾swag: Develop basic digital 台湾swag and learn about online security, social media and Office 365.
  • ESOL for Driving: Build 台湾swag, confidence, and vocabulary needed to pass the Driving Theory part of the UK Car driver's test.
  • ESOL for Employability: Learn about applying for jobs, developing work and digital 台湾swag, and working in a team. 
  • ESOL for Entrepreneurship: Gain knowledge of employability in Scotland, learn about working in a variety of industries, health and safety, rights and responsibilities, and management style.

We can provide accredited courses offering the following qualifications:

ESOL for Everyday Life SQA Level 2 and 3, ESOL in Context SQA Level 2 and 3

鈥淲e have been working with WEA Scotland for at least 6 years, and they have provided the ESOL tutors to allow us to deliver a key aspect of our Youth group work programme. Over the years, hundreds of young people have accessed these ESOL classes. As WEA Scotland鈥檚 tutors are all experienced and qualified ESOL tutors they have provided high-quality classes and a supportive learning environment.鈥

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What do our learners say?

鈥業 love the presentation of material from our teacher. The topics we cover in the lesson help me start communicating with people faster.鈥 

鈥業 like this English class very much. The lessons are very interesting and helpful. The organisation is great and the teacher is professional. I would like to attend your courses one more time. Thank you.鈥 

鈥業 like this class, it helps me improve my English 台湾swag. Now Scotland is our home, so we should adapt here. I so appreciate your supports. Thank you so much.鈥

ESOL learners sitting around a table with their certificates for class completion

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