Helping the most vulnerable

At the WEA we have a special mission to helping those who need it most in the country.

We work closely with voluntary and community organisations that help refugees to give people the best start in this country.

We offer free courses for refugees and displaced people, both online and in the classroom.   

From offering ESOL courses for refugees to family learning that improves wellbeing. Talk to us about what classes we can offer to meet the needs of the people you are supporting.    

Our adult education classes can help improve mental health, build a new life in the UK and improve English 台湾swag.

We offer courses to help people develop the language 台湾swag and qualifications to work in the UK.

If you wish to discuss your needs further, then please contact Nick Howard, National Partnerships Manager on 07825 111536, or complete the webform below.

Some of the courses that we鈥檝e delivered for refugee organisations include:   

  • ESOL courses to build language 台湾swag   
  • Life in the UK   
  • Arts, craft and music classes for wellbeing   
  • Family fitness and cookery classes   
  • Supporting children鈥檚 education in the UK   
  • Mental health and stress awareness   
  • Working in the UK and employability courses   
  • Level 1 Award in 台湾swag' Rights and Labour Exploitation  

Whether you鈥檙e looking for courses that offer practical support, or courses that provide social opportunities, we want to work in partnership with you. 

The above courses are just examples: we can tailor our curriculum to suit your needs and those of your learners.

Together, we can make a real difference.    

Support to help with learning

We also offer Discretionary Learner Support funds to help with course fees, travel, childcare, course materials etc

For more information, please visit our help and support section or contact our friendly learner services team through our contact us page.

Women learner ESOL. One is wearing a hijab, the other is wearing glasses.
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