This page has links to the policies and procedures that govern how we treat our learners. It also includes key documents that outline the responsibilities and expectations placed on our learners when they book on WEA courses.

This page also provides privacy information for our learners, members and volunteers.

If the documents provided here don't cover what you are looking for, please contact us to ask for further details.

Learner responsibilities and expectations

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Learner agreement

Key responsibilities and expectations placed on our learners when booking on a WEA course.

The expectations placed on learners when using computer equipment for a course.

Our approach and policy for promoting online safety.

Privacy policies

The WEA privacy policy and ESFA privacy policy can both be found in our main privacy page. Our recruitment privacy policy can be found in our work with us page.

Procedural policies

If you feel your work has been unfairly assessed on an accredited course.

Highlighting our high expectations of attendance and punctuality.

If your Discretionary Learner Support application has been refused.

A summary of the WEA's approach to using copyrighted material.

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WEA complaints policy

If you want to raise a concern or complaint, here's what you can do.

You can download our complaints form here.

The terms and conditions of making a course booking with us

Our policy on refunds after you have booked or paid for a WEA course.

Support for learners with physical/learning difficulties, health problems, or other needs.

Our policy regarding health & safety at the WEA. You can read the Health & Safety policy statement here.

What happens if a course is cancelled.

Our policy regarding collection, usage and storage of data.

WEA fees for 2023/24 for learners, WEA staff, Local Advisory Panels & branches. 

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion policy

Our commitment to being inclusive of all.

Eligibility and practice for paying for a course in instalments.

Standards for support when starting a course with us.

Defines learners entitlements to financial support.

Standards for collecting feedback for service improvement.

Standards for clear and impartial entry to courses.

Definitions, rights, and procedures for handling suspected malpractice.

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WEA Prevent policy

The WEA's approach to the statutory requirement to implement the Prevent duty.

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WEA safeguarding policy

How we safeguard children and vulnerable adults engaged in our activities.

Download the list of all safeguarding contacts across England & Scotland.

This policy applies to all learners and volunteers of the WEA.

Details our approach to environmental management.

Standard terms & conditions for services.

A mechanism to report wrongdoing in the workplace.

How staff should refer people for information, advice and guidance.

We are committed to promoting sustainability and sustainable development.

Standard terms & conditions for goods.

The rules governing learner behaviour.

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WEA volunteering policy

A clear framework for the deployment of volunteers in the context of the strategic aims and needs of the WEA.