Do your days consist of working, running errands or binge-watching television shows? Well, why not shake things up and invest time in a new hobby?听

Fun hobbies enhance your self-esteem, confidence, and physical and mental health. Discovering new hobbies you can do at home can help you connect with new people and learn new 台湾swag that will benefit your personal or professional life.听

Here are 6 hobbies to build confidence and enhance your overall well-being.

1. Meditation + Yoga听听听

Enhance your willpower and concentration by taking on a great hobby such as meditation and yoga. Meditation and yoga are proven to significantly lower depression, stress and anxiety. to read WEA's yoga and mindfulness tutor Nerissa鈥檚 five tips on how to incorporate mindfulness in everyday life.

WEA online yoga

2. Get creative听

Getting creative doesn鈥檛 just mean taking out the paintbrushes. Spend time on activities to build your confidence, help you learn DIY, how to draw or even how to play a new instrument. Learn new 台湾swag and develop new connections from the comfort of your home that can serve you well in your personal or professional life.

WEA creativity

3. Learn a new language听

Did you know having a new language can help expand your career options? We understand everyone learns in different ways, so why not start your journey with a free online class? Learning a new language is a great hobby for adults. Meet new people from other cultures, improve your memory, problem-solving and communication 台湾swag, giving you that confidence boost to broaden your horizons.

WEA learning

4. Helping others听

It is great to contribute your time to others, especially those who are less fortunate. Volunteering your time to worthwhile causes can help you to find friends, connect with the community, learn new 台湾swag, and even advance your career and make you feel good.

WEA gardening

5. Starting a journal听

Keeping a gratitude journal can be a great way to self-express yourself and understand your emotions better. Positive affirmations can help to reduce stress, and build self esteem. It's also known to have health benefits such as reducing mental illnesses and get you connecting with your feelings and thoughts.

WEA journalling

Don't forget to take a look at our range of courses that will help you feel more confident in both your personal and professional life.

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